A Basic Overview: Types Of Prohormones

- Nov 09, 2018-

A Basic Overview: Types of Prohormones

Each type of prohormone works in a specific way. You should have a good idea about the varieties – knowing how the act will help you pick the right single compound or multi-stacking supplements.

Most brands use at least one of the most common prohormone varieties. Halodrol is one of the popular picks. Supplements containing solely Halodrol are a good pick for beginners. The recommended daily dose is 50 milligrams per day and it will result in gaining anywhere between four and eight pounds during a one-month cycle.

Superdrol is another common prohormone option. The recommended daily dosage is 10 milligrams per day and the option is also right for beginners. The weight gain during a 30-day cycle is anywhere between four and 10 pounds, which makes Superdrol similar to Halodrol.

If you are interested in “dry” weight gain, which means that the water retention will be minimal, you should consider a supplement containing Epistane. A very safe stand-alone option, Epistane will also reduce the weight gain reducing from fat because it is the least estrogenic prohormone of them all. The recommended daily dosage is 10 milligrams and the cycle could reach up to six weeks.