Fitness Injection Mgf Peptide 2mg/vial

Fitness Injection Mgf Peptide 2mg/vial

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What is MGF?

MGF (Mechano Growth Factor), also known as IGF-1Ec, is a splice variant of the IGF gene that increases the number of stem cells in the muscle and allows muscle fibers to fuse and mature. This is the process required for adult muscle growth. When the muscle fibers through the resistance (weight training) decomposition, the natural production of MGF. MGF stimulates muscle growth, produces new muscle fibers, promotes muscle recovery, promotes nitrogen retention and increases protein synthesis.

In the study of intramuscular injection of MGF, the weight of injected muscle fibers increased by 20% within 2 weeks. In a further study, IGF required four months to increase muscle mass by 25%. MGF was found to be more effective than IGF-1 in rapid muscle growth. Fat loss and increased strength usually do not occur in the use of MGF (because they are used with IGF-1).

How much MGF should be used?

A typical protocol is:

100-300 mcg of MGF is divided into 1-2 times in 2 to 5 muscle regions per week about 5-7 days for bilateral administration - intramuscular injection.

For example, if you want to manage 200mcg of MGF to the chest and biceps muscles twice a day, three different areas of the muscle, you need to distribute the dose as follows:

Daily 200mcg / 2 times / time administration of 100mcg

Each management 100mcg / 4 muscles (2 chest and 2 feet) = each muscle 25mcg

Each muscle 25mcg / each muscle 3 different locations each injection 8.3mcg

Theoretically, the more sites used to apply MGF to the muscle, the more places where muscle growth occurs.

Studies have also suggested the following:

●Administration should not be given within 2 hours after training in order not to reduce natural IGF-1 production.

●Administration should not be given within 2 hours before sleeping in order not to reduce natural growth hormone production.

●After administering, adequate protein needs to be ingested for MGF to be effective in building new muscle.

How to reconstitute MGF?

MGF is typically manufactured in 2mg amounts and is reconstituted with sterile water.

●If 2ml (2 full – 1 ml U-100 insulin syringe) of sterile water is added to the vial then each unit of the syringe will equal 10mcg.

●If the syringe is filled up to 10 units (up to the number 10 on the syringe) it will equal 100mcg of MGF.

How long should MGF be used?

In most studies on MGF no adverse side effects were reported with use for 4-8 weeks (per the dosage limits in the above answer) followed by 4 weeks of non-use.


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